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Applications Manager – SVA Automotive Ser/Des & Ethernet
As an Applications Manager you will be part of the ACE applications team that supports Santa Clara’s SVA automotive serializer and deserializer (FPD-Link II & III) and industrial Ethernet products. In this position you will manage the applications team and work closely with the design and marketing teams to define new products; engage in product validation and testing and prepare customer collateral.

Technical Sales Engineer Program 
This eight to twelve month rotation program prepares you to become a team member at one of our Field Sales Offices or part of our Technical Marketing teams.

Inductive (LDC) Sensing Applications Manager 
Be part of the team that is driving a sensing revolution! LDC sensing technology is an exciting product family that is expanding to provide sensing solutions for customer needs in automotive, consumer, and industrial systems. As an Applications Engineer in the LDC Applications group, you will be responsible for providing customer support and product development.