Texas Instruments is known for some of the world's most exciting electronics inventions, from the integrated circuit invented by TI legend, Jack Kilby, to the introduction of the world's first electronic handheld calculator. Every day, TI engineers and technicians reach toward innovations to make customer applications faster, smarter and more fun. TI routinely spends more than a billion dollars annually on research and development. It's an important part of the TI legacy and one of our best tools for adapting to the ever-changing world of technology.

Analog Technology Development (ATD)

ATD creates world-class analog manufacturing technology for TI, including new cost-effective process platforms with step-function increases in performance, precision and power management. ATD extends process technologies with new components, models and reduced costs—and we research innovative, disruptive technologies for new markets and new products.

External Development and Manufacturing (EDM)

EDM partners with CMOS technology-based businesses to define technologies that provide performance and cost leadership in targeted markets. EDM also manages external manufacturing relationships to provide flexible production and technology development resources, so we can meet rapid changes in market and customer demands.