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Rotation Programs

Our rotation programs are a hands-on way to quickly dive into your career at TI. The robust programs give you an opportunity to experience a variety of challenging assignments over the course of your first few years. Find your niche and receive personal mentoring along the way from a team of industry-leading professionals. During the first year, you’ll also participate in our Make an Impact program. Upon completing the rotation program, you’ll be armed with the know-how and personal connections you need to grow your long-term career at TI.

Engineering Rotation Programs

Applications Rotation Program
Here’s your chance to be on the leading edge! Our applications engineers are technical experts focused on industry-leading digital, mixed signal and analog products. You’ll partner with our customers to determine their major design challenges and work with them to create innovative solutions. You may also spend hands-on time in a TI lab tackling problems to support our products and customers.

During the one-year program, get firsthand exposure to our customers and their latest innovations – be that during a six-month assignment working with our customers and sales teams, or during a six-month deep dive assignment in one of our product development teams. For those hired outside the US, you’ll spend your six-month deep dive in the US.

Product Engineer Rotation Program
Want to experience it all? Product and quality engineers at Texas Instruments touch the full lifecycle of our products, including new product development, manufacturing, and post-production optimization for cost and quality improvements. Working with TI teams around the world, our customers and our external partners, you’ll get full visibility to how we design, build and support our products.

This unique two-year program offers you the opportunity to complete two one-year rotations – the first in product or test engineering in a product development team, and the second in manufacturing, quality, or design verification or validation engineering.

Technical Sales and Marketing Rotation Program
Want to know about the latest cool products before anyone else? Our technical sales and product marketing engineers combine technical expertise with selling and marketing skills to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ biggest technology challenges. Working directly with customers and through our digital storefront and online communities, you’ll ensure TI technologies are in the next great innovations around the world.

To help prepare you for a career in technical sales or product marketing, the one-year program offers several multi-month rotations, including assignments in field sales, sales operations, product marketing, and/or digital marketing. Participants hired outside the US will spend three months in the US in a product marketing assignment.

Technology and Manufacturing Rotation Program
TI’s Technology and Manufacturing (TMG) organization comprises manufacturing, packaging, test and process technology development and semiconductor quality groups. TMG is committed to developing the capabilities of college hires within the organization through job rotations.  We believe employees who experience multiple roles gain a broader perspective, develop a stronger professional network, stay longer and perform better, and, as a result, the employee and the organization benefit.  TMG college hires will complete their first role within 18-24 months and then rotate into a second role, typically within the same organization and location. The combination of multiple job experiences, professional development and personal feedback will build a strong foundation on which to base future career options.

Business Rotation Programs

Digital Marketing Associate
We’re searching for creative minds to develop fresh approaches in marketing our breakthrough technologies, and manage one of TI’s innovative digital marketing programs.

As a digital marketer, you will develop and execute online strategies that drive timely and relevant results in targeted markets, as well as utilize analytics to plan programs and build visualization tools. To help prepare you for a career in digital marketing communications, the program consists of two challenging two-year assignments structured around different TI digital marketing functions and businesses. Rotations are available in Web, database marketing and analytics functions. Participants hired outside the U.S. will take part in multiple rotations, with one rotation in the U.S.

Finance, Accounting and Operations
For graduates with finance, accounting, industrial engineering, supply chain or related degrees, our rotation program gets you started on the fast track in finance at TI. Our roles are integral to the success of our overall business, and provide you with visibility into financial reporting, business planning, manufacturing, supply chain management, and much more.

During the three-year program, you’ll have the opportunity to rotate through three different assignments. You can choose to specialize in one area (finance, accounting, or operations) by completing all three rotations in that specialty in different organizations (corporate, business unit, manufacturing), or you can generalize by exploring one rotation in each of the three different specialties.

Human Resources Development Program
As a member of our global human resources (HR) team, you will work with leaders across the company to help ensure that TI has the talent and capabilities needed to win in the highly competitive and dynamic semiconductor market. As strategic partners, HR plays a critical role in the company’s success, and you will, too.

Are you trying to decide between being a specialist or a generalist?  Our program gives you the opportunity to explore both, with two 18-24 month rotations – one as an HR business partner and the other in a specialist role (recruiting, compensation, development, employee relations, etc.). Participants hired outside of the US often have the opportunity to complete a 3-4 month assignment in the US.

Information Technology Program
As a member of our information technology (IT) program, you will join an exciting team that partners and collaborates with TI’s businesses and finance teams to find innovative system solutions to business problems. You will act as a valued liaison by understanding business processes, developing quality solutions and enabling business decisions. This 3-year rotation program allows you to explore multiple areas within IT, such as business analyst, system administrator or application developer.