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Rotation Programs

Discover TI through our rotation programs!

This is your chance to jumpstart your career. TI’s robust rotation programs will provide you the opportunity to solve problems and invent solutions through a variety of hands-on, meaningful experiences from the very first day on the job. You’ll receive personal mentorship from world-class experts, along with training and development opportunities to help you quickly make an impact at TI. Through our rotations, you’ll be armed with the know-how and personal connections you need to grow your long-term career at TI.

TI rotation programs offer career flexibility.

During the first year, you’ll also participate in our Make an Impact program, offering engineering and professional classroom courses, quarterly hands-on sessions with experts and opportunities to meet other participants and TI senior leaders.

Engineering Rotation Programs

Analog Design Program, 24 months

Architect new TI products and make our customers’ visions a reality in this program, which gives you in-depth experience to define, design, model and verify integrated cir­cuits. You’ll learn how your designs will actually work in a real world environment.

  • Accelerate your development with a variety of rotations. You will work on circuit design – learning how to layout, verify the design and use sophisticated design tools. Then you’ll validate, test and troubleshoot how your designs work once manufactured.
  • Get exposure early on in your career as you learn the life cycle of a product design and gain a deeper understanding of product development, so you are fully equipped to hit the ground running on your own designs.

Applications Rotation Program, 12 months

Be part of the cutting edge in this program that gives you firsthand exposure to TI customers to determine their design challenges and create innovative solutions.

  • Get hands on experience in various applications engineering roles where you will work with our customers, sales force, marketing and product development engineering teams.
  • Become a technical expert focused on industry-leading analog and embedded processing products.

Embedded Processing Software Design Program, 18 months

Be at the forefront of software architecture design and gain first-hand exposure to application development.

  • Be a part of a software design team where you’ll learn the essentials of embedded systems design techniques, including foundational software development processes, the software development life-cycle and software development tools.
  • Work with external customers where you’ll develop application demos while you build relationships with developers, other designers and the sales team.

Product Engineer Rotation Program, 24 months

Experience how the latest innovative technologies are developed, built and perfected as a product and test engineer in this program.

  • Work with TI teams, customers, and external partners around the world to design, build, qualify and support our industry leading analog and embedded processing products.
  • As a product and test engineer, you play a vital role in assuring the quality and performance of TI’s innovative IC products. From test software and hardware development to product debugging and test optimization – you help ensure our products are consistently competitive and leading in the market.
  • You’ll gain an inside track through your rotations. The first in product and test engineering, then a second complementary rotation where you’ll dive deeper into manufacturing, quality, design verification or validation engineering.

Product Marketing Engineer Rotation Program, 12 months

As a Product Marketing engineer, use your engineering skills, together with TI products, to identify and solve specific technical challenges our customers are facing.

  • Experience a variety assignments in product marketing, product pricing and digital marketing.
  • Work directly with customers, our digital storefront and online communities to ensure TI technologies are in the next great innovations around the world.

Technical Sales Engineer Rotation Program, 9 months

Are you an early technology adopter and want a glimpse of the latest products before anyone else? Combine your technical expertise with selling skills to develop and deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ biggest technology challenges.

  • Be on the frontline in your first year at TI through several multi-month rotations, including assignments in field sales, product marketing, and/or sales operations to help prepare you for a career in technical sales.
  • Work directly with customers to ensure TI technologies are in the next great innovations around the world.

Technology and Manufacturing Rotation Program, 18-24 months

Become a technical leader who brings breakthrough innovations to life by manufacturing products that change the world.

  • From working in our clean room environment on advanced tools and equipment to developing next-generation semiconductor process technology, from process optimization to test development, you’ll be part of an organization that has the world’s most advanced factories, leading edge processes, and world class engineering talent.
  • Experience two different assignments – start in a challenging role inside a TI manufacturing site or on an engineering team, then rotate to a second role designed to broaden your experiences and grow your expertise.

Business Rotation Programs

Digital Marketing Associate, 36-48 months

We’re searching for creative minds to develop fresh approaches in marketing our breakthrough technologies, and manage one of TI’s innovative digital marketing programs.

As a digital marketer, you will develop and execute digital marketing strategies that drive timely and relevant results in targeted markets, as well as utilize analytics to plan programs and build visualization tools. To help prepare you for a career in digital marketing communications, the program consists of two challenging assignments structured around different TI digital marketing functions and businesses. Rotations are available in Web, database marketing and analytics functions. Participants hired outside the U.S. will take part in multiple rotations, with one rotation in the U.S.

Learn more about our digital marketing rotation experience.

Finance, Accounting and Operations, 36 months

For graduates with finance, accounting, industrial engineering, supply chain or related degrees, our rotation program gets you started on the fast track in finance at TI. Our roles are integral to the success of our overall business, and provide you with visibility into financial reporting, business planning, manufacturing, supply chain management and much more.

You’ll have the opportunity to rotate through three different assignments. You can choose to specialize in one area (finance, accounting, or operations) by completing all three rotations in that specialty in different organizations (corporate, business unit, manufacturing), or you can generalize by exploring one rotation in each of the three different specialties.

Human Resources Development Program, 36 months

As a member of our global human resources (HR) team, you will work with leaders across the company to help ensure that TI has the talent and capabilities needed to win in the highly competitive and dynamic semiconductor market. As strategic partners, HR plays a critical role in the company’s success, and you will, too.

Are you trying to decide between being a specialist or a generalist? Our program gives you the opportunity to explore both – one as an HR business partner and the other in a specialist role (recruiting, compensation, development, employee relations, etc.). Participants hired outside of the U.S. often have the opportunity to complete a 3-4 month assignment in the U.S.

Information Technology Program, 36 months

Partner with TI’s development, manufacturing, and business teams to collaborate and innovate system solutions to business problems during this three-year program.

  • Explore multiple areas in the world of IT as a business analyst, system administrator or application developer.
  • You’ll be a valued member of the team and gain a strong understanding of business processes, how to develop quality solutions and enable business decisions.

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